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Aonang Elephant Sanctuary
About AES

Few words about us

Here at our sanctuary, we organize the gentle care of old and retired elephants that have been rescued from elephant riding camps or logging industry for work purposes.

Mostly, the elephants that have been rescued are old and retired. They are no longer be able to work anymore in the tourism industry or logging industry. Then we came up with the question “where those old elephants would go after?” the possible answers wouldn’t be so impressive. As the elephant is the sacred and national animal of Thailand, we see this problem becoming an alarming issue across the country. By establishing the Aonang Elephant Sanctuary, it is our aim to actively work as part of the solution, to rescue and provide a natural living environment for elephants, and to ensure they have enough food and a decent living standard in their sunset years.

We show you the ways to take care of those elephants by our tour guide and elephant caretaker including feeding, cooking for supplementary food, take them to play and reduce their heats in the mud and enjoy bathing with them in the pool.


Cook protein ball


Feed them closely with the food we cook


Get muddy with elephant in mud spa pond surrounded by mountain and enjoy bathing with them in the pool

Who are we?

We operate the tour for who interested to see what we are doing at our Elephant Sanctuary.

We have rescued old and retired elephants from logging industries and riding camp and they are not able to work anymore.

Elephant Sanctuary

We see the problem that where are those elephants would go, so we established this place to provide and taking good care of them in their sunset time properly and happily as they should be.

Service and Facility
Transfer Service

Pick up and drop off from your accommodation in Krabi


3 Hours without hotel transfer

Live tour guide



We have lockers for storing valuables

Snack & Drink

We have snacks and drinks available.


Shower room for cleansing the body

Touch and Feeling

To provide our retired elephants well living conditions for their sunset years, our elephants have been well taken care of as we provide one caretaker per elephant under our supervision.

Enjoy cooking, feeding, and bathing with the adorable retired elephant at our camp (NO RIDING).

Our Elephants

3 Elephants and one more soon


64 Years old
Died 10 November 2019


46 Years old


47 Years old


50 Years old

Poon Ngern

43 Years old

Bua Tong



Reviews on tripadvisor

“The sanctuary rescues old elephants from places where they were overworked and unhappy, and gives them a home where all they have to do is eat and bath and enjoy their lives. Doing the elephant tour is a money well spent, because you dont just get to feed and them and interact with them, but you also contribute to the upkeep of these beautiful creatures. Im so happy I did this tour, definitely one of the best days of my life 🙂 I wish there were more places like that, where the animals can just live in peace, while interested tourists can still be a part of their habits.”

Gabriella M
Trip date: 3 September 2019

“We had seen lots of places advertising elephant riding etc and had seen chained baby elephants in phuket which was awful, this is nothing like that! The people who work hear genuinely care about the elephants..they are well cared for and fed. No chains or harnesses…after a nice background talk into the sanctuary we spent the afternoon feeding and bathing the elephants! Was a fantastic experience…if you care about the animals this is the place you want to visit!”

Gray B, UK
Trip date: 4 September 2019

“Spent the day with 2 wonderful gentle giants! These beautiful creatures were looked after by caring staff who were very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend this place as they are against animal exploitation but still enable you to interact with their rescued animals. We learnt about the species. We also feed and bathed the elephants, which enable us to form a bond with these highly intelligent animals. 100% worth the money!”

Grace A, UK
Trip date: 22 August 2019

“What a wonderful place. Today we met two gentle giants. They were retired ladies having been in the logging trade. They still bore the scars from being mistreated and although of course they are not totally ‘free’ as they have to remain in captivity now. They have never been wild. To be able to be so ‘up close’ they of course need to be well trained. But – they are not chained, You are not allowed to ride them, They have a lovely home and we just fell in love with them. Get stuck in and you will have the best time. It was such a privilege. Thank you Bao and Most of all to the lovely old girls who let us feed them and hug them.”

Kate M, UK
Trip date: August 2019
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